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Top Level

Lv. 679

Lv. 624

Status: On



Guild Logo

Toninho Tornado

Guild Information

KnD PoLvO PrEtO is the guild leader of Toninho Tornado.

The guild was founded on Naruto Shippuden Tales on 2 May 2024.

Guild Members

Rank Name and Title Vocation Level Status
Leader KnD PoLvO PrEtO () Killer Bee(VIP) 526 Offline
Member Onlyfans () Tobirama(VIP) 552 Offline
Member Knd Lee () Tobirama(VIP) 597 Offline
Member Knd Momoshiki () Momoshiki(Exc) 531 Offline
Member Knd Naruto () Naruto 406 Offline
Member Knd Hashirama () Hashirama(VIP) 581 Offline
Member Knd Shisui () Shisui(VIP) 505 Offline

Invited Characters

  • No invited characters found.

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